In EAFIT we have made the effort to offer our students different options to go abroad and continue their studies. You can found the covenants that you are looking for according to the country or the academic program that suits you. Use the interactive map to look at the different universities. Please, if you have any doubt please Contact Us and we will reach you with different. 

We are also recognized as one of the top universities in the city and country because our approach in international exchanges.

Instructions: in the tab that is located on the left side you can find the different bachelors that EAFIT offers and then, after choosing the filter, you can see the amount of options that the selected bachelor has per country.


If  you want to continue with the navigation through the website and learn about the steps to reach an international exchange with EAFITclick Academic programs in EAFIT in the bar below to keep learning.

Get to know the steps to reach your international exchange

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