work hand in hand with different units of the institution in favor of innovation in content, services or communicative products that respond to emerging technological contexts. Research and innovation processes with training and transfer are articulated here.



Its mission is to contribute to the positioning of the EAFIT University as a physical and digital epicenter of culture and artistic creation in Antioquia, the framework of the 2030 Itinerary of the institution through the development of content, services or communication products that respond to emerging technological contexts through research and creation projects in a multidisciplinary, open and collaborative environment.


In 2024, MediaLAB EAFIT

The MediaLAB EAFIT will be a reference space for research, creation, innovation and learning around processes of digital transformation and convergence. Similarly for the construction of a creative, intelligent and conscious ecosystem that is in constant renewal and whose purposes are knowledgeable.

Strategic Axes

Descubrimiento y Creación

The MediaLAB develops research and creation projects, betting on a work model based on observation, experimentation and prospective methodologies.


The MediaLAB proposes decentralized, open and neutral forms for the educational environment. In accordance with the spirit of the Network, it seeks that projects can be propagated, created or reused collaboratively.

Desarrollo de Contenidos

Innovation in MediaLAB prioritizes the generation of transmedia content that involves various content, media and technology platforms.

Innovación Social

The MediaLAB is a meeting place for interests in public and private projects that share a vision of the citizen as the creator of the solutions that affect their daily lives.

MediaLAB’s Friends

"It's a laboratory where students have freedom not only to experiment in communication, but also in whatever."

Sofía Pérez
Undergraduate Student of Social Communication

“The MediaLAB is more than anything a place of creation”

Miguel Ángel Correa
Undergraduate Student of Social Communication

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